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Mother’s Day 2010

Mother’s  day is quickly approaching! I challenge each of you to pick up your camera, humble as it may be, and take a picture of your babies. Don’t worry about the lighting, composition, what they are wearing, how clean their faces are…..just capture their beauty. This picture was taken of a dear sweet family. Stephanie...

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Aaron is a really cool guy. Laid back, calm, cool and collected. Aaron and I were able to walk around downtown Plano just taking our time finding some great places to shoot. Aaron is a Senior ready to conquer the world. What a great time in his life and I hope he finds everything he...

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Sweet Love- A winter wedding spread

Brownie pops, cupcakes,  mini cupcakes and a four tiered wedding cake what could be more divine?!!! My good friend Shannon over at For Cake Sake asked me to shoot her dessert bar she was showcasing to a client. I was more than happy  (as I always get to “taste test” her stuff) to oblige.  She...

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