Together LOVE- Stephani and Miles…sneak peak!


While I am here wrangling children, punching laundry in the face and trying to catch up...... Stephani and Miles are laying on a beach in Mexico. I did not fit in their suitcase. SNAP! They looked amazing and I am eager to share their day with you. Here is a sneak peak just to keep you coming … [Read more...]

Hot LOVE- Stephani’s Bridal Session


I AM SO EXCITED to release Stephani's Bridal session. We shot her wedding Saturday in Dallas and now I can share her photos with everyone. Miles, you are one lucky man.   Bridal sessions are not just another excuse to wear your wedding dress. They are a chance to feel beautiful and remember … [Read more...]

together love- lauren and tom


Crazy fun meets super sweet. That is how I would describe Lauren and Tom's wedding day. Lauren had her hair almost done when I arrived and the second I saw it I knew we were in for a fun day! Lauren absolutely rocked her hairstyle done by Jennifer at Salon Boutique. From the bright red lipstick and … [Read more...]

Together Love – Dawn and Dave


What an adorable couple. Dawn was set and ready to go the second I arrived. I know she said she was nervous but I couldn't see it. She was organized and prepared and waiting beautifully. Dave was all smiles and eagerly waiting for his bride. It was really hot and humid that day but we managed to … [Read more...]