What’s in My Bag

I get asked the whole…”what equipment do you use?’ question quite a bit so I decided it would be easier to just show and tell you what gets the job done for me.

Lenses are overwhelming. Whenever I started out I felt like crying just thinking about what to purchase that was going to be the most beneficial and still stay within my budget. I will say that I have learned that good lenses are worth EVERY penny. Hands down. The great thing about Canon Lenses is that they are interchangeable with any camera body. So, like me, if you start out with a smaller camera and then want to jump to a bigger model your lenses are going to work with both. THAT IS AWESOME. Chris and I decided that we would always have a “lens fund” going all the time to make building my equipment easier.


I shoot with the Canon 5D MarkII. I love this camera! The weight feels good in my hand and the list of amazing features are endless. It is relatively user friendly and easy to figure out. I literally sat down one day and read the manual from cover to cover. I still read it every once in a while to refresh my memory on all the cool tricks it is capable of.  The Mark II has a beautiful HD viewing screen and is also an HD video camera. I no longer need two separate devices to shoot and video. Just for fun I named her. (yes, I am talking about the camera) Her name is Abbie. She is woman hear her roar!

Above are my pack of lenses. I have a couple more but rarely use them so I left them out of the group shot. These are the lenses I take with me when I shoot weddings and most portrait sessions.


1. The first lens on the left is my 70-200 2.8L. This lens is perfect for ceremony shots when I am limited as to where I can stand. I can be on the balcony of a church or at the back of the isle if I have to and still get some close ups. I love how I can get soft and buttery images as well as crisp and sharp ones right off the camera.  This is a must have.

2.  The middle lens is my 24-70 2.8L. My baby, my go to, my constant. I shoot with this lens all the time. It is the perfect zoom lens and allows me to quickly capture moments as a whole and then shoot in tight for detail shots or close moments. It is hard to explain why I love this one so much, but it allows me so much versatility. If you have never shot with this one…you should.

3. The lens on the right is my macro 100mm 2.8L with image stabilizers. WOW oh WOW. Details should be scared. Talk about crazy amazing. I am able to get some really ridiculous close up shots. Not only can I get close but I can also back out a bit and get a larger scope of the same thing. I am pretty smitten. Chris actually surprised me with this lens. He made me stay home all day waiting for the FedEx guy but wouldn’t tell me why. I think I almost peed my pants when I saw that is was from B&H.


Ever heard of Shootsac?

A bag designed to readily access your lenses for a quick change all while shooting. I never miss a beat! They have some adorable covers. I am not really sure how I shot without one to be honest. Super quality and stylish too….PERFECTION.


Remember in my last post about Chris drawing cute diagrams? Well, I just had to share one with you all.

This would be the inside of the camera.  He was trying to explain to Shannon and I why we needed one lens over another. He really is way more technical about photography than I am. I can ask him anything and he knows the answer. I guess I just have to trust my creativity and leave the science to him!


Is this information helpful to you? Please let me know what you think or if you have any more questions!


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